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How to do twitter marketing for brand awareness?

How to do Twitter Marketing for Brand Awareness?

Twitter is a microblogging and social media channel. Using twitter people share their opinions and interact with others using messages known as tweets. But we can do more than that using it. Twitter can help brands in achieving various goals and objectives like- brand awareness, generating leads, increase website traffic, building relationships with customers etc. So, today we are going to learn about how to do twitter marketing for brand awareness.

Twitter Marketing Strategies for Driving Brand Awareness

1. Tweet Awesome Content

Tweet Awesome Content
Tweet Awesome Content

The first thing you have to do to increase your brand awareness on twitter is tweet awesome and relevant content. Content must be the foundation of your twitter marketing strategy if you want to increase your brand awareness. Why?

Because in order to increase your brands’ awareness people must talk about your brand, engage with your tweets and retweet them.

But if your content is not that great and doesn’t add any value to them, they will simply ignore it. People love to share content that inspires them, educate them, entertain them and make them feel connected. So, make sure your tweet awesome content.

2. Tweet Consistently

Tweet Consistently
Tweet Consistently

The next thing you can include in your twitter marking strategy is tweet consistently. This is necessary if you want people to remember you because if they can’t see you why will they remember you and if they don’t remember all your previous efforts are wasted.

Make sure you tweet consistently without long gaps. But that does not mean you can post any content to remain active. Make sure you post good quality content because the quality is everything if you want people to engage with your content.

3. Contests and Giveaways

Contests and Giveaways
Contests and Giveaways

Contest and gives are very helpful in increasing brand awareness and must be a part of your twitter marketing strategy. Contest and giveaways make people engage with your content, share it with their friends and mention your brand in their tweets. As a result, your content reaches to a large number of people which ultimately helps you in increasing your brand awareness.

Besides this, you might get a place in twitter trending topics which will further boost your organic reach. But don’t overdo it because it might make you look like a spammer and destroy your reputation.

4. Use Trending Topics for Creating Content

Use Trending Topics for Creating Content
Use Trending Topics for Creating Content

Another tactic you can use to increase your brand recognition using twitter marketing is to use trending topics for creating content. Trending topics are the topics that are actively being searched, talked and are getting tweeted by a large number of people, influencers and celebrities.

By using these topics for your content, you can reach thousands of people who might retweet and engage with your content. But be careful while creating content because you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or create a controversy with it. In order to find trending topics for your content, you can see trending tab in your twitter app, or use sites like rightrelevance, social animal etc.

5. Use of Hashtags

Use of Hashtags
Use of Hashtags

Hashtags can be defined as keywords or phrases that describe a topic. These hashtags are used by people to follow or search for a particular topic and thus make them a very important part of twitter and twitter marketing. Two sites that you can use to find relevant hashtags for your tweets are Hashtagify and Ritetag.

Only use niche related hashtags in your tweets and content so that they reach your target audience who is actively searching and following these topics. This will increase your followers, engagement rate and most importantly your brands’ presence and recognition.

6. Follow Industry Experts & Share their Content

Follow Industry Experts & Share their Content
Follow Industry Experts & Share their Content

Next you must follow relevant industry influencers and industry experts and share their content if you want to increase your brands’ awareness. Why? Because people follow and engage with those brands and influencers who have been accepted as industry experts in what they are doing.

By following such relevant brands and influencers and sharing their content you can start building the name and authority of your brand. This makes people recognize you as an industry expert because you are sharing high quality and relevant content.

7. Tweet on right time.

Tweet on Right Time
Tweet on Right Time

The next twitter marketing tactic that you can use to increase your brands’ presence and recognition is to tweet your content on the right time. There are certain days and certain hours in a day in which if you post your content you can get maximum engagement for your tweets. More engagement means more mentions which will ultimately increase your brands presence and brand recognition.

In order to find the right time for tweeting you can try out different timings of days and see at which time of day you have a most engagement or you can use tools like Tweriod, sprout social etc. You can also use tools like hootsuite and buffer to plan and schedule your tweets for posting. These two tools are very helpful when you are short of time or travelling.

8. Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads
Twitter Ads

Another tactic you can use to increase your brand presence and recognition is used twitter ads. Twitter ads allow you to promote yourself on Twitter using its precise targeting features. By using twitter ads, you can promote your account, your tweets and promote your own topic as a trending topic on twitter and reach a large number of people who will be interested in your brand and your content.

In order to use twitter ads, you must register with your profile on after that you can create your ads and reach your target audience.


There you have it guys best twitter marketing tactics and tips that you can use to increase your brand awareness on twitter Using these tactics and tips you can gain new followers, Increase engagement rate on your tweets and recognition as an industry expert.

If you like these tips and tactics leave your comments below and if you have any suggestion you can also write them in your comments. I would love to read your views and suggestions.

Link building in Seo and how to get backlinks?

Link Building in SEO and How to Get Backlinks?

Google algorithm uses 200 ranking factors to rank a web page on google. These factors determine relevancy, usefulness and ranking of a web page on google. But not all factors have high influence over ranking on google and one of these factors are links. Links are one of the most important factors in Seo and as some marketers would say is the #1 ranking factor of Google. Keeping this in mind today we are going to discuss “Link building in Seo and how to get backlinks?”.

What are Link building and its advantages?

Links building in Seo can be defined as the process of acquiring hyperlinks from authoritative sites. These links pass the ranking value (Ranking juice) from authoritative sites to your own. Let’s see some advantages of link building in SEO:

(a)Improve your ranking in organic results.

(b)Allows you to promote your brand and content on authoritative sites.

(c)Help people navigate from authoritative sites to your site and increase your organic traffic.

(d)Help google discover your web pages and determine how they should be rank on organic results.

(e)Showcase your expertise, authority and trustworthiness to google.

(f)Increase your domain and page authority etc.

Do all links pass value and are important?

The answer is to the above question is “NO”. In link building there are 2 types of links:

(a) Follow links- These links pass the value to your sites.

(b) No follow links- These links do not pass the value to your site.

A link becomes a follow link if the value of the rel attribute in the anchor tag is “Follow”. Similarly, a link becomes no follow link if the value of rel attribute is set to “no follow”.

Other than these two factors relevancy, domain authority, page authority of linking domain is also very important for link building in SEO. The linking domain must be an industry expert with high domain and page authority. Only these follow links are important when it comes to link building in SEO.

How to get backlinks for sites?

Before getting started it is necessary to understand that no method, tactic or strategy can give you guarantee that if you use them you will get a backlink. Link building requires patience, building relationships and luck too. Keeping this in mind lets move toward tips and ways to get backlinks for your site.

1. Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging
Guest Blogging

One of the most common methods used for link building in SEO is Guest blogging. Guest blogging is basically writing blog posts for other sites as a guest blogger. You can use google to find out blogs and sites in your niche that allows guest posting on them. Guest blogging helps in getting recognized as an industry expert in your field. By posting relevant and useful content you build relationships which ultimately can get you backlinks for your site.

2. Use Your Competitor’s Backlinks Profile

Use your competitors backlinks profile
Use your competitor’s backlinks profile

Another method that you can use for link building in SEO is to use your competitors backlink profile. Tools like SEMRush and Ahref can help you with this. These tools can be used to see which sites are providing backlinks to your competitors, type of link they are providing and their domain authority.

However, if you don’t have access to these tools you can use google. Just type your competitors’ name in google and make a list of sites that are providing backlinks to them. You can use this information to reach out to these sites along with your created content and if you are lucky you will get a backlink from them.

3. Create Valuable Content

Create valuable content
Create valuable content

The next method that can be used for getting backlinks for your site is to create valuable content that your target audience will found relevant and useful. If people find your content useful they will mention you, share your content and will also give you a backlink. So make sure your content is well researched and presented effectively if you want to get a backlink for it easily.

4.Broken Backlink method

Broken Backlink method
Broken Backlink method

Next tactic that can be used for getting backlinks from authoritative sites is to discover their broken backlinks. To discover such links you can download and use google extensions like checking my links that show you broken links for the page you are viewing.

Once you have found such links simply create your own content for its replacement. Next, reach out to them with your mail and offer your help to fix that broken link. Make sure your content is of good quality otherwise you might not get the backlink.

5. Build Relationships

Build relationships
Build relationships

The next that can be used for link building in SEO is to build relationships with authoritative sites and bloggers. Engage with their content and develop your relationship with them. Next, offer your content for their reviews and ask them to share it and give you a backlink if they found it relevant and useful.

6. Convert Mentions into Backlinks

Convert mentions into backlinks
Convert mentions into backlinks

If you have been sharing high-quality content with your audience then chances are that they might have mentioned you on their sites without giving you a backlink.

You can use such mentions to get backlinks for your site. Send them a mail and request to convert that mention into a backlink. In order to find such mentions you can use tools like SEMRush, Ahref etc or simply search your brand name on google and look for mentions.

7. Q&A Sites & Forums

Q&A sites and forums
Q&A sites and forums

Another tactic that you can use for link building is joined sites like quora, reddit etc. Join discussions and answer niche-related questions along with a link back to your site. But never overuse links in your answer and discussion, it can destroy your online reputation and might get you banned on the platform.

In order to find niche related topics and questions simply search niche related key phrases and you will be presented with hundreds of discussion and questions related to your niche that you can answer.


Link building is not easy. It requires patience because developing relationships takes time and link building is all about making relationships and helping each other. If you like my post leave your comments below along with your views and I would love to read them all.

How to get most out of Facebook Ad Campaigns?

How to Get Most Out of Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook ads is an advertising platform that allows the brands to create and display ads on Facebook. Using facebook ads we can target large number of people who might be interested in our brands offerings. Keeping this in mind today we are going to talk about “How to get most out of Facebook Ad Campaigns”.

How to get most out of Facebook Ad Campaigns.

1. Select the right campaign goal

Select right campaign goal
Select the right campaign goal

The first thing you need to do to get most out of your Facebook ad Campaigns is to select an appropriate goal during campaign creation. Once you select your goal you are presented with the features and options that allows you to accomplish them.

These ensures that you are using features and options that suit your goals and are capable of giving you desired results.

2. Use A/B Testing

Use A/B Testing
Use A/B Testing

Next thing you can do to get the most out of your Facebook ad campaigns is used A/B testing. A/b testing also known as split testing is a tactic in which the performance of two ad creatives is compared to know which one performed better.

It shows which headline, call to action, images, text copy, ad placements etc work best with your audience. Using these results you can optimise your future campaigns and thus get better ROI from them.

3. Use Detailed Targeting

Use Detailed Targeting
Use Detailed Targeting

Detailed targeting is an audience level setting that allows you to include and target people based upon their demographics ,interests and behaviours.

This ensures that your ads reach right audience. For example: Suppose you sell customized picture coffee mugs here you can select anniversary( within 61-90 days) option in behavior category. These people are relevant to what you are offering and might buy your mugs when they see your ads.

4. Implement Facebook Pixel on your Website

 Implement Facebook Pixel on your Website
Implement Facebook Pixel on your Website

Facebook pixel is a javascript code that you can place on your site. Facebook pixel allows you to track conversions,Optimise ads delivery based upon actions taken by the people on your site ,and create a lookalike audience who have the same characteristics as your top customers.

This ensures you get more conversions, more reach and more ROI through your facebook campaigns. Following are the steps to get your pixel code:

(i)Go to facebook ads manager.

(ii)Click on the pixel tab in the event manager.

(iii) Click on create pixel option.

(iv)Enter a name for your pixel and site url and click on continue.

(v)Congratulations you have successfully created pixel for your site.

Next you have to implement that code on your site . Once you have created pixel using above steps facebook will give you 3 options to install that code on your site. Select the option that best suit you and you have successfully installed facebook pixel on your site.

5. Use a Lookalike Audience

Use a Lookalike Audience
Use a Lookalike Audience

Next tip to get most out of facebook ad campaigns is created and use lookalike audience. Creating a lookalike audience allow you to target those people on facebook that exhibit the same characteristics and behaviours as your top customers or people who have interacted with your business in the past.

In order to create a lookalike audience, you need pixel data, mobile app data or data of your page fans. This ensures that your ads reach only those people who will be interested in your offerings.

6. Connections


Connections is a ad set level setting that allows you to include or exclude people from your audience. There are 4 connection type options in this setting:

(i)Facebook page.



(iv)Advanced combinations

This option allows you to include or exclude people from your target audience . It is a very useful setting and has many advantages too. For example, you can exclude people who have like your page. Since these people already like your page your offers or posts can reach them organically. So it would be better to exclude them to reach new people and get most out of your facebook ad campaigns.

7. Ad Scheduling

Ad Scheduling
Ad Scheduling

Ad scheduling is a campaign budget optimization setting that allows you to run your ads on selected days and selected hours. You can use this option to run your ads during your working hours to ensure you are there when your customer tries to reach you. Why is that important?

Simple nobody likes to wait and if you make your customer wait they might not come back when you are available to answer their queries or assist them.

8. Block List


Block list is a placement level setting which is available when you select edit placement option. Blocklist ensures that your ads don’t run on specified websites or apps within its audience network. This ensure your ads only show up on right sites and apps and not on sites and apps that are in your block list.

9. Use Call to Action

Use Call to Action
Use Call to Action

Add a call to action in your ad if you want to get most out of your Facebook ad campaigns. Call to action(CTA) can be defined as desired action you want people to take when they see your ads.

Call to action can persuade a person to take desired action like-signup for the newsletter, visit your site, purchase your products etc. Beside this ads with CTA have a better click through rate(ctr)as compared to ads without a CTA.

10. Relevant & Working Landing Page

Relevant and working landing page
Relevant and working landing page

The last tip to get the most out of your Facebook ad campaigns is used relevant and working landing page. A landing page is a page where your customer lands once he or she clicks on your ad.

You can reach the right audience using various settings but if you can’t ensure they land on right landing page then everything else you have done so far is useless. Ensure that you have landing page that is relevant to your ad text, loads fast and is carefully designed along with a call to action.


Facebook ads have very powerful and useful options and setting which if used can great results and more ROI. Use settings and options discussed in this post and you will get most out of your Facebook ad campaigns. Leave your comments below if you like this post or have any suggestion. I would love to read your views.

How to Perform Keyword Research for SEO?

How to Perform Keyword Research for SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) is all about keywords. Keywords are used to create content and pages with the hope that they rank high on search engine results. But can we use any keyword or phrase for creating content and pages?

The answer is a big “No”.

Not every keyword is worthy enough to be used for creating content and pages. Only the ones that are worthy enough should be used for SEO. Keeping this in mind today we are going to discuss “How to Perform Keyword Research for SEO”.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the process of finding keywords and phrases that are being entered in the search queries by the people. These keywords and phrases are used for creating content and pages with a goal to rank high on search engine result pages.

How to Research for Keywords?

1. Create a Seed Keywords List

Create a Seed Keywords List
Create a Seed Keywords List

Seed keywords are the keywords which act as a base for the keywords research process. These keywords must be relevant to your niche and your offerings. In order to create a seed keyword list you can use:

(i) Brainstorming


Here you want to think and ask yourself what terms people might use in the search engine to find your business. For example, You sell customized t-shirts. Keywords like customized t-shirts, customized t-shirts online, buy customized t-shirts etc., would be relevant for you. Make sure these keywords are relevant and are related to your offerings.

(ii) Wikipedia


Another way to find keywords related to your niche for keyword research is by using Wikipedia. Using wikipedia you can find many subtopics related to your niche. These subtopics themselves can be used as keywords as they are related to your niche and people are interested in these topics and are actively searching for them.

(iii) Reddit/Forums


Next you can use Reddit and forums to find new keywords. Let us say you sell homemade chocolates. You can head over to Reddit and search for a broad topic. For example- Homemade chocolates. It will return you a list of topics that your audience is interested and actively talking about. Similarly, you can go to a forum enter your topic and you will be presented with a list of threads /topics that your target audience is actively talking and looking for.

(iv) Google Suggest

Google Suggest
Google Suggest

The next thing you can do to find keywords for keyword research is to use the power of google suggest. Here you can write topics related to your niche or topics that you have collected using Wikipedia in the above step. When you enter a topic in google it shows you a list of keywords and phrases that are being entered by people that are related to your niche. How can it help you?

These phrases are very useful in your research as these are the most used search terms on google. They have high search volumes due to which they are appearing as a suggestion on google and when we want to search new keywords for us we simply can’t ignore google suggest.

(v) Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner
Google Keyword Planner

Using Google keyword planner you can discover new keywords for your site. Simply type topics related to your niche or enter your site URL and it will present you a list of related keywords and phrases. One thing should be kept in mind google keyword planner is designed keeping in mind PPC advertisers and not SEO. Therefore your expected results might vary if you only have google keyword planner at your disposal.

(vi)Semrush Keyword Research/Moz Keyword Explorer/Ahref Keyword Explorer


Besides helping in SEO audit these tools can also help you in your keyword research process. You can use them to find new keywords and collect metrics related to those keywords. You can also use these tools to know which keywords your competitors are using and create your own content to outrank them.

2. Collect Keyword Metrics

Collect Keyword Metrics
Collect Keyword Metrics

Now you have made your seed list the next step in your keyword research is collecting metrics for your keywords. Metrics like-Search volume, keyword difficulty, competition are of great importance. These metrics are used to filter keywords. In order to collect these metrics, we can use tools like google keyword planner, Moz keyword explorer, SEMRush SEO keywords research, AHREF keyword explorer, Ubersuggest etc.

However as mentioned earlier  google keywords planner is designed keeping in mind PPC advertisers and not SEO. They can be used to know how many clicks and impressions a keyword got in the past and how it might perform in the future.  But if you can afford, buy one of the paid tools like SEMRush, Ahref or Moz and if you can’t you can use google keyword planner or Ubersuggest.

3. Filtering


The next step in your keyword research process is filtering keywords on the basis of metrics collected in the previous step(search volume, keyword difficulty, competition etc.). We must filter keywords based upon these metrics so only those keywords are left that are relevant and are capable of boosting organic traffic of our site. For example, There can be keywords which might be relevant but don’t have a high search volume. So we must evaluate and filter keywords. In this step we assess the value of the keywords, check their relevancy and filter our keywords after which we will have our final keyword list.

4. Keyword Targeting & Content Creation

Keyword Targeting & Content Creation
Keyword Targeting & Content Creation

After getting your final keyword list the last step in your keyword research process is keyword targeting and content creation. In this step, we will select keywords from the final keywords list and prepare our content strategy for those keywords. For example, you might decide to optimize already existing pages and content or create new pages and new content using your selected keywords.


Keywords are the base of all SEO efforts. A good keyword can give your organic traffic a big boost whereas an irrelevant keyword can waste all your efforts. We must carefully evaluate keywords and their metrics before using them. If you like this post on keywords research leave your comments below also let me know how you do your keyword research.

Top Tips to get Most out of Instagram Marketing.

Top Tips to Get Most Out of Instagram Marketing

Instagram is an online photo and video sharing social media platform. It is the second largest social network after Facebook with 1 billion active users and if you are a brand who is looking to build social media presence you can not ignore Instagram. Today I am going to share with you tips to get most out of Instagram Marketing.

1. Clearly Defined Objective

Clearly Defined Objective

The first tip to get most out of your instagram marketing strategy is to define a clear objective that you want to achieve. Whether the brand wants to increase its social media presence, increase sales or increase websites traffic. Objectives are very important as they act as the guide to brands marketing efforts. This ensures that the brand is moving in the right direction.

2. Switch to Business Profile

Switch to a Business Profile
Switch to a Business Profile

Even before you think about Instagram marketing the first thing you should do is switch to the business profile. Switching to a business profile is super easy . Go to settings –>Account –>Switch to professional Account. Switching profile allows you to create Instagram ads, access to insights tool which provide data like interactions, impressions, engagement of your posts.


3.Attractive bio, description and picture

Attractive bio,description and picture
Attractive bio, description and picture

The next tip to get most out of Instagram marketing is writing attractive bio, description and picture. Bio,description and picture are the first things that a user sees before following a brand and thus it must be capable of attracting the users at first look. Use these sections to educate people about your brand, your offerings and how your brand can help them.

4.Use Hashtags

Use Hashtags
Use Hashtags

Hashtags play a very important role in improving the organic reach of your posts. It helps people discover content through topics that interest them and thus we can not ignore them while marketing on Instagram. You can use up to 30 hashtags in your posts. While selecting your hashtags make sure they are relevant and have a high reach. Tools like Instagram search, rate tag can help you get the most relevant hashtags. You can also use hashtags that are being used by industry experts and influential people of your niche. Don’t forget to update your hashtags list after a while to keep getting good results.

5. Cross-Promote on Other Platforms

Cross- Promote on Other Platforms
Cross-Promote on Other Platforms

Another tip to get the most out of Instagram marketing is cross-promote on other social media platforms. Use your existing followers/ fans on other platforms for promoting yourself on Instagram. Ask them to follow you on Instagram. It will help you to get more followers which ultimately increase the organic reach of your Instagram content.

6. Awesome Content Strategy

Awesome Content Strategy
Awesome Content Strategy

Content is the base of every marketing strategy. A good content marketing strategy is necessary if you want to get the most out of marketing on Instagram. Don’t just post content to be active on the platform. Content that helps followers and adds value to their life deserve to be posted. Educational, inspirational/motivational, product demos, fun, customer stories and user-generated content are a few possible themes which you can use while creating content.

7. Attractive Posts

Attractive Posts
Attractive Posts

All Instagram posts are not equal. when it comes to Instagram marketing, you can either stand out or step away. Instagram is a visual platform. An attractive post attracts people towards it and thus gets large reach and engagement. Tools like Instagram filters, apps like SnapSeed, Canva, AfterLight can help you to elevate the beauty of your posts.

8.The Contest, Giveaways and Promotions

Contest,giveaways and promotions
Contest, giveaways and promotions

The next tip to get most out of Instagram marketing is run contests, giveaways and promotions. Contest,giveaways and promotions help in increasing reach of your brand, make people tag and share your content. As a result you get more organic reach and engagement. Don’t overuse contests, giveaways and promotions. Use them as a part of your content strategy and not as a base.

9. Consistent Posting

Consistent posting
Consistent Posting

The next thing you can do to get the most out of Instagram marketing is consistent posting. As mentioned above don’t just post to be active, post only when you have quality content. Post consistently awesome, unique , quality content without long gaps. Long gaps make followers forget about the brand and the brand might lose followers too.

10. Sponsored ads, stories and posts

Sponsored ads, stories and posts
Sponsored ads, stories and posts

Hashtags and awesome content provide you organic reach. While Sponsored ads, stories and posts help you reach a much larger audience who are interested in your offerings. Paid promotions along with your organic reach building tactics can help you get much better results and a better R.O.I.

11. Use of Trending Topics

Use of Trending Topics
Use of Trending Topics

Next thing to get most out of your Instagram marketing is using trending topics for creating content. Trending topics have a big organic reach. People are actively searching for these topics. By using these topics you have the opportunity to reach a big audience segment organically.

12. Use of Influencers

Use of Influencers
Use of Influencers

Industry experts, celebrities can help you in getting most out of Instagram marketing. These people have large following and can influence a large number of people. Making contacts with influencers and using them for your product promotions can not only help you large and relevant audience but can also get you much better results as compared to using only paid promotions.

13. Instagram stories

Instagram stories
Instagram stories

Instagram stories are pictures or videos that last only for 24 hours.These stories can be used by the brand to show the internal working, culture, behind the scene working of the brand. This makes followers feel much more connected with the brand and help a brand to get the most out of their Instagram marketing strategy.

14. Analyze Metrics

Analyze metrics

In order to get most out of Instagram marketing a brand must observe and analyze important metrics like followers growth rate, reach, frequency, impressions, click through rate. These data is very important as it helps the firm to know whether its marketing efforts are working at all or not, or to calculate its R.O.I( Return on investment).


There you have it guys the top tips to get most out of Instagram marketing. Using these tips a brand can create an strong and effective Instagram marketing strategy which will help them to achieve their desired objectives and goals.If you like these tips make sure to leave your comments below and if you have any suggestion you can also write that in the comment section below

Importance of Web Analytics for Business

Web Analytics may be defined as a system that collects, process and reports a web site data which can be used to get insights about customers and how they interact with a business’s site.

Using Analytics reports we get access to valuable data that helps the business to achieve their goals and objective. Most of the brands use such data to create strategies to achieve their goals.

So today, we are going to discuss Web Analytics and why it is important for business?

Importance of Web Analytics

1. Access to Accurate Data to Understand the Traffic

Access to Accurate Data Source: Pixabay
Access to Accurate Data

Web Analytics is all about data and reporting data but not all data is useful. Google Analytics provides valuable data which can be used to discover hidden trends and insights thus it is very important for a business.

However, this data alone can also mislead a business if irrelevant data is not filtered out. Google Analytics filter helps in refining the data and provide you with data that is important and relevant for your business.

For example: Using exclude filter to see data related to your real prospects and not office staff.

2. Helps you to Understand Website Audience

Understand Website Audience Source - Pixabay
Understand Website Audience

A website that does not provide its visitors good user experience can not think of getting business using it. In order to improve user experience, we must understand a website audience, devices they use, the language they speak etc.

Web Analytics provides this data to business through its reports and thus help them understand their audience and develop strategies to improve their user experience when they visit the website. For example:

a. Technology Report: Provide data about which technology, browser and OS and network being used by a visitor.

b. Behaviour Report: Provide data about how a visitor is engaging with the website and their behaviour on the site.

c. Demographic Report: Provide data to understand and better know the audience of the site.

3. Understand Return on Investment

Understand Return on Investment  Source - Pixabay
Understand Return on Investment

Web Analytics help in knowing ROI by tracking the performance of social media campaigns, email campaigns, ad campaigns etc.

By default, Google Analytics tracks only traffic from 3 mediums that are organic, referral and direct. In order to track the performance of traffic from other sources and mediums link tagging is used.

This help in understanding the performance of campaigns and source and mediums used for the campaigns. By using this data, we can know the ROI from campaigns and optimise them to improve it.

4. Improve SEO

Improve SEO  Source - Pixabay
Improve SEO

Another important benefit of using Web Analytics is that it helps in improving SEO for the site. It Helps in identifying issues like slow loading, browser or OS issues.

Landing pages that are getting most of the organic traffic for the site.

Metrics like bounce rates, landing page report, exit page report etc can also be used to measure the quality of pages. Google Analytics can also help in identifying new opportunities.

For example: Identifying keywords for which you have a good position but poor CTR. Using this insight, a business can improve the content for that keyword and thus improve CTR.

In order to get access to this data, one must link Google Analytics with Google Search Console.

5. Improve PPC Performance

Improve PPC Performance Source - Pixabay
Improve PPC Performance

Another important benefit of using Web Analytics is that it helps in optimising the performance of Google ads by providing the enhanced remarketing capability, import of goals, analytics remarketing audience and ecommerce transactions directly into Google Ads account.

It can also help to track the behaviour of the customer on the website after an ad click or impression in order to use these features, one must link Google Analytics with Google Ads.

6. Identify Pain Points

Identify Pain Points Source - Pixabay
Identify Pain Points

When it comes to providing great user experience all the pain areas of the website must be rectified and Web Analytics helps a business in identifying them.

Reports like exit page reports, site speed report, device, browser and OS report etc. These reports help in identifying the pain area of the website and thus help in rectifying them to improve the user experience of the visitors.

7. Optimise Conversion Funnel

Optimise Conversion Funnel Source - Pixabay
Optimise Conversion Funnel

Using Web Analytics, we can set a number of goals which are important for the business these can be signing up for the newsletter, buying a product, register for a demo of product etc.

While creating a goal we write down each and every step that a user must take to successfully complete goal on the site.

Google Analytics through funnel visualization helps in identifying how many visitors who enter the funnel gets successfully converted(Complete the goal).

This helps a business to identify at which point of the funnel the customers are getting dropped out.

Using this data, a business can identify any issues that might be present on the site or particular pages of the site that are leading to drop out of customers from the funnel and thus solve these issues so that maximum number of customers in the funnel is successfully converted.


Data Reporting  Source - Pixabay
Data Reporting

8. Data Reporting

Refining and optimization of data are necessary before its use. Using Web Analytics, a business can not only refine the data but helps in the visual representation of this data so that it can be easily understood.

Google Analytics has a variety of viewing options like:

a. Data View: Tabular representation of data

b. Percentage View: Representation of data as a pie graph

c. Performance View: Bar graph representation of data.

d. Comparison View: It allows to see whether each metric in the table is performing above or below average.

e. Pivot View: Creates a pivot table.

Besides this Google Analytics allows creating custom reports a report that can be customized based upon needs.


Web Analytics is a very useful tool that not only helps in understanding our audience but also helps you discover business insights that might not be visible directly.

No business can ignore Analytics if they want to provide a great user experience to its visitors as well as gain access to business insights.

If you like my post or have any question or suggestion feel free to write to me about it in the comment section below.

Learn the Basics of Google Analytics

What is Analytics?

Collection, measurement, reporting of our web data.

So who is an analyst?  Just think like that whenever you want to go and get a gift for your spouse we try to go ahead and reflect our historical conversation with them, what kind of things that they need, what kind of colour they like and then we try to go and pick gift accordingly.

Similarly, somebody who can actually go and look to our historical data someone who goes and draws insights of that data, and then act on those insights now your action can be right or wrong but they would be better than if you actually go and randomly do something.

Why do we need all these tools like google analytics, SAS, R, big data, etc. because data is so humongous the data is just too much right now. It will help us to analyze the data.




So again the question comes how this data made how all the company knows about our requirement?

Information on the internet travels in the form of small data packets, they are very small data packets which are mainly from one system to another system.

This is the data packets which are coming from my system and going to another server. Now, this data packets structurally are very similar to the postcards that we are used to posting.

Postcards used to have space for a stamp, space for receivers add, senders address, message and all.

Similarly like that in every data packets we certain headers. These headers contain information like:

(i) OS








All this information is impeded with this data packets and these headers are mandatory to fill with every data packets. It means when I open data packets from my system will go to Flipkart webservers.

It means Flipkart will know about my all above details.


For understanding hits, we take an example like:

What is the core products of Flipkart?

They sell a market place it is a digital mall they provide a platform for sellers and buyers to come together and do their transactions that is their core products or markets.

So, similarly, FK.COM core competency is not analytics their core company is to create a platform, therefore, they implement a tool like Google Analytics or web analytics.

Which help them to track user activity and present meaningful reports.

To implement WA solutions they put a code, javascript, snippet on each and every page that they want to track. This code creates a 1*1 pixels image on each page.

This image is transparent so you can’t see it. It is placed on the top right corner of their webpage but is stored on the GA server.

Now GA server can analyze all this data and present to us in meaningful reports. Every time we send a request for this GA image to GA servers is called a hit/interactions/page view/image request.


Collection of hits till the time a session expires and session expires under three conditions:

1. After 30 min of Inactivity

Let’s say I went to page A from the chrome of my laptop at 1:00 PM, then I went to FK.COM Page B from the chrome of my laptop at 1:10. In this case.

Inactivity: 10 mins

Hits: 2

Sessions: 1 (because of the inactivity period of 10 min)

Let’s take another example

I went to page c from chrome of my laptop at 1:35 pm

Inactivity: 25 min

Hits: 3

Sessions: 1

I shut down my system at 1:40 pm come back from the market at 1:50 restored my system and next to page A of from the chrome of my laptop at 2:00

Inactivity: 25 min

Hits: 4

Sessions: 1

It means shutting down of my system has no impact on my GA session.

2. When the Source is Changed

I go to by clicking on TOI banner source of the session is @ 1:00.

I go to by clicking on an email campaign link at 1:20 pm same mail.

Hits: 2

Session: 2

3. After Midnight

Go to page A from the chrome of my laptop at 11:55 pm.

I went to page B from the chrome of my laptop at 12:02 am.

Hits: 2

Sessions: 2


Visitors who are coming on our digital platform user within GA is identified by the help of client ID.

IF I go to from chrome for the first time GA will check if I have a client ID.

No, because it will allocate a client ID, store it in a cookie and drop that cookie in my system 123456. If next day I come back to using my laptop GA will check if I have a client ID every time is stored in the cookie.

COOKIE: small computers program, designed to store a specific value for a certain period of time. In case of GA cookie lasts for 2years cookie are always browser-based stored on the local system.


BOUNCE:  that session where we have only 1 hit.


                                   High bounce rate good for business is not good.

Retail Company: more than 40% not good

Less than 10-15% means you are doing something wrong

Less than 30% good

Banks: 25-30%

Blogs: 80-90 %


This blog is about the basic of google analytics I cover this because in the field of web analytics google analytics tools plays a very important role. so that this blog gives you the basic idea about google analytics. How it uses in research filed we learn in further blogs.


Voice Search Optimization : An Incredibly Easy Method That Works for All

Google claims half of the inquiries will be directed by utilizing voice search by 2020.

It is safe to say that you are set up for this seismic move in SEO or for voice search optimization?

As a web site or business owner, your primary aim is to modify doubtless interested customers to search out and get your product or services.

If users are progressively using voice search to pick up data, optimizing your web site is sensible. By implementing the newest digital promoting ways, you can remain in front of the challenge and have the primary mover advantage.

What is Voice Search Optimization?


Voice Search is when consumers utilizing their voice through a device,  typically a phone or home assistant to form a question via a search engine or digital assistant.

It’s growth statistics have exploded with the introduction of ‘smart speaker’ devices, like Amazon’s Echo, Google Home, and Apple’s new HomePod.

These devices have verified to be wildly common, which means that voice search isn’t any longer simply an elaborate toy that you simply use some times once you get a brand new phone and so ignore.

It has created its manner into our homes, and also the trends recommend that it’s here to remain. 

Voice Search Optimization is the optimization of keywords and keyword phrases for searches using voice assistants. 

Evolution of  Voice Search

Keep in mind when voice search required calling a number from your cell phone and saying your search query?

That was what voice search gave the look of in its infancy (to be a lot of precise, in 2010). And to very little surprise, few individuals really used it.

Since then, it has improved considerably. On June 2011, Google declared they were beginning to take off voice search on

At first, the feature may well be accessed solely in English. Today, we’ve got a selection of regarding sixty languages supported by Google Voice Search. With the Hummingbird update in 2013,  the ideas of written and spoken search modified plenty.

The updated rule stressed regular language process and was aimed toward considering the users’ intent and also the context of the question.

From then on, search queries structured in sentences have come back a lot of relevant answers. With voice search, individuals usually raise a long query as they might commonly speak. Subsequently, the Hummingbird update gave an enormous push to voice search improvement.

The Trendsetters in Voice Search


Some of the trendsetters in voice search incorporate Siri from Apple, Google Now, Cortana from Microsoft, Alexa by Amazon among others.

With evolving technology tech giants have reduced the error rate on voice search results, completely impacting user experiences.

Voice labs found that there have been a complete of thirty-three million voice-first devices in circulation. In a survey of SEO trends for 2017 and on the far side, voice search stood at the third spot.

When and where which are individuals utilizing voice search?

In his keynote, Google CEO Sundar Pichai reported that one-fifth of the questions on Google are voice look.

Teenagers are savvy clients of voice search, however, Thrive Analytics found that individuals in all age gatherings utilize mobile personal assistants. They use it on the go, with friends, and even within the restroom.

With the expansion within the use of digital assistants, Voice Search Optimization is vital to your SEO success. Let’s begin by understanding however it ties back to Google’s algorithmic rule.

1. User Intent

In 2013, Google launched a noteworthy algorithmic update — the Google Hummingbird. It started considering the user intent and logical importance of queries.

When individuals scan for your site, would they like to purchase something or would they say they are searching for information?

User intent tells us the reason an individual wrote their question or query into a search engine. Generally, the intent is clear and clearly expressed within the question with words like “buy,” “price,” “how to,” “what is,” etc. however alternative times, intent hides only in user’s mind.

The intent might or might not be expressed. Regardless — because of the Hummingbird update — Google digs into the context of the search question. They investigate sites’ content and furnish you with whatever answer is deemed most relevant.


For example, I’ll look for “Oscar winners” in search.

In the doubtless situation, I’m keen on the recent awards ceremony — not in results from twenty years past.

Search engines perceive this and take it under consideration. Therefore, you ought to take into account user intent once making content, so as to reinforce the connectedness of your pages to specific search queries.

So if you wish to optimize your page for a featured snippet, your main aim ought to be understanding user intent and giving your audience a direct answer. This can help you to optimize your webpage for voice search optimization.

On this subject, Jenny Halasz says:

“Try to match your customers’ intent together with your content, look for to answer queries, and supply details where attainable.”

2. Page Speed

Page speed means that the time required for your page to load. This additionally influences whether or not or not your page can seem in voice search results.


Imagine an individual using voice search — they’re likely in a hurry or in a rush.  So to achieve those searchers, page speed improvement extremely could be a high priority. As an initial step, examine your present site speed with PageSpeed Insights. 

This tool tells you whether or not your site’s current loading time is quick enough, and recommends for a way to create it even quicker.

Note also that mobile speed is a lot of vital than desktop for voice search improvement or voice search optimization.

This goes for overall style also — ensure your web site is mobile-friendly since a majority of voice searches happen via mobile devices.

3. Long Tail Conversation Keywords & FAQs Pages

Now keywords aren’t any longer simply keywords. Keywords within the voice search world are long-tail+. The “plus” refers to the informal phrases that you simply ought to add once optimizing for informal voice search.

First of all, talking to your voice assistant, you’d begin with “Hey Siri…,” “OK, Google,” etc. These phrases cause you to assume you’re communication together with your device, not simply conducting a keyword-based question or query.

Therefore once trying to find the best hotels, you’re presumably to raise a question: “Hey Siri, which are the best hotels to stay?”

Your keyword strategy should currently be a lot of informal in nature and mimic however real users speak and raise queries verbally.

Start considering the kinds of queries you get, about your business while talking to customers on the phone, then begin documenting and recording the precise words they use once they talking with your customer representative

Once you have got an inventory of queries and statements your customers provide you with over the phone, you’ll then begin making content pages that specialize in those longer, a lot of informal search terms.


An incredible method to use the same client data is to make FAQ pages that attention on those long-tail+ conversational watchword phrases.

Try and cluster common queries on an identical page. Opt for natural-sounding queries and phrases rather than the recent SEO-keyword phrases.

Also, anticipate a lot of direct queries from searchers. Searches like “best digital camera” can begin to disappear, and hyper-specific searches can become a lot of standards.

Supply fast, compact answers to queries that voice searchers are asking.

It will seem to be a difficult task, however making it won’t solely facilitate your website but, it show up in voice search results, however, it may increase your probabilities of showing in the Google “Featured snippet.

4. Featured Snippet

If you’re not known with the name “featured snippets,” you virtually acknowledge how they look like. Featured snippets seem at the highest of the SERPs.

Google pulls the foremost relevant content and places it in a very box like this:


Its matter as a result of up to half-hour of 1.5 million tested Google queries contain them. You’ll make sure that if the results embrace a featured piece, your voice assistant can pull its answer from there.

Therefore if you would like to rank in voice search results, you must target providing such quality knowledge that Google displays it within the featured snippet.

5. Structured Data Markup

Structured Data Markup is the code added to HTML markup and utilized by search engines to understand your site’s content in a better way.

Using structured data on your website can help search engines crawl and read your content efficiently. Having this data may also facilitate your pages in featured snippets and, consequently, in voice search results. Specifically, you can use it to provide better information to mobile devices about your site and its content.

So, if you are doing everything properly and manufacture content understood by search engines as most relevant (and if you get a small amount of luck), your piece can become featured.

When elaborating structured data, you must keep in mind it’s quick to become spammy. Use the information that has relevance to the content you give and eventually keep upgrading your markup, as everything tends to be changing constantly.


Use structured data markup (applying the right schemas) to provide the voice search devices even a lot of data regarding your website and it’s content.

Structured information markup from is crucial for your web site because it defines a lot of specific data and makes it easier for search engines to accurately analyze your content and perceive its context.

For the implementation part, you can use as they have a set of schemas which enable SEO specialists to markup their websites.

6. Local SEO and Business Listing

58% of consumers use voice search to find local businesses. This comes as little surprise since most people use voice search when they’re walking or driving somewhere to discover where they should go.

Most significantly, people conducting voice search possible use the phrase “near me”.

Say I decide to have a coffee then I’m more likely to say “OK Google, a coffee cafe near me,” than “coffee cafe in Pune.” In this case, the search engine will use my location to understand which cafes are closest to me at the moment.

Remember that “near me” queries are simply adding a location intent to a search. If you would like to rank for “cafe near me”, then, by all means, track that keyword’s performance on your ranking tools, but don’t worry about putting “near me” in your actual site code.


Here is another way

Many voice searches are local in nature, having your Google My Business listing claimed can help increase your chances of showing up when a voice search is done pertaining to your local business, location or business category.

So, if you haven’t claimed your Google My Business listing yet, what are you waiting for?

It’s time! Claiming and optimizing Google My Business is a great way for Google to find out more information about your business, like the category of business you’re in, your address, phone number, business hours and more.

A lot of voice searches are for local queries and listing your business there will help you rank better for such queries. 

7. Domain Authority

Did you recognize that sites with infinite links rank more often in voice search?

The answer to the current question is true.

In fact, the typical Ahrefs Domain Rating of a voice search result’s nearly 77.

Average domain rating (Which is high)

Many voice search “results” are literally simply one result. And Google wants to provide you a solution from an authorized source. (alternatively a domain with most trusted and authorized).

In order to they lean on domain authority over page authority.


For example, here’s a Google Home voice search:

Google Home voice search result
The answer comes from an authoritative domain (
But the page itself includes a pretty low Page Authority (13).

The secret is this:
If you would like to rank in voice search, concentrate on the build-up your Domain Authority.
When you do, Google can wish to use your website} as source… even from pages on your site that don’t have a lot of links.

8. Rank Videos in the Search Results

Recently Google released what I call “Video Featured Snippets”.
This snippet as you’ll see, it’s a video result. however rather than a link to a YouTube video, Google pulls out the section of the video that’s relevant to your search.

Here’s an ideal example of what I mean…

Let’s say that you simply need to rank your videos on YouTube. therefore you opt to go looking for a few video SEO recommendation.

If  you employ a keyboard, you’re likely to go looking for one thing like YouTube SEO search
Sure, their videos are within the search results. however, they rank within the fifth spot.


YouTube SEO SERPs video
Look what happens after you search for a keyword: “how do I rank my YouTube videos”
You get a Video Featured snippet in Google SERP

The secret’s this:
Video could be a massive part of Google’s strategy for responsive voice search optimization queries. Therefore if you wish to induce your content before of voice searchers, you would like to rank your videos in Google.

An Outline of Our Most attention-grabbing Findings are As Follows:

(i) PageSpeed seems to play a vital role in voice search SEO. the common voice search result page loads in 4.6 seconds (52% quicker than the common page).

(ii) HTTPS sites command Google’s voice search lists. Truth be told, 70.4% of Google Home outcome pages are verified with HTTPS.

(iii) Google prefers short, brief responses to voice search queries. The standard voice search result’s solely 29 words long.

(iv) The schema might not play a key role in voice search rankings. 36.4% of voice search results come back from pages that use Schema (which is just slightly beyond the worldwide average of 31.3%).

(v) Authoritative domains tend to supply voice search results considerably over non-authoritative domains. In fact, the mean Ahrefs Domain Rating of a Google Home result’s 76.8.

(vi) Content with extreme levels of social engagement tends to perform well in a voice search query. In fact, the common voice search result has 1,199 Facebook shares and forty-four Tweets.

(vii) Simple, easy-to-read content might facilitate with voice search SEO. The common Google voice search result’s written at a ninth-grade level.

(viii) We have a tendency to found that only a few voice search results had an accurate question in their title tag. Therefore, making individual pages for every voice search question doesn’t seem to be a good voice search SEO strategy.

(ix) The normal word check of a voice search output page is 2,312 words. Along these lines, Google will in general source voice search answers from long structure content.

(x) Content that ranks top in desktop search is additionally terribly possible to seem like a voice search answer. Indeed, roughly 75% of voice indexed lists rank in the main 3 for that inquiry.

(xi) Showing up in a Featured Snippet may enable you to rank in voice search. 40.7% of all voice search answers originated from a Featured Snippet.

Wrapping Up

Voice technology is another step within the direction toward improving user involvement with semantics. Voice search may be a trend that’s on the increase and not leaving at any point in the near future.

User already using voice search broadly — and its quality can develop significantly in the coming years.

Those who already take voice search optimization into consideration in their SEO can improve their content visibility considerably, as voice search results more and more limited to the top pages. 

With voice search optimization, web site owners will simply offer answers to users needs and desires, that will increase traffic to their landing pages.

Searchers hungry for fast answers, this technology serves this needs and is a horny different to net search.

As a digital vendor, you wish to understand the importance of adopting new SEO trends to avoid falling by the roadside.

If implementing associate degree SEO strategy it’s time you incorporated voice search so as to make the most the increasing variety of individuals who are utilizing these tools for web search.

Learn about it, place it to use, and watch your business explode.

Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Ads

In today’s world, more than 1.2 billion people use Facebook and more than 30 million businesses have active pages.

Facebook ads help to reach businesses to the right audience with the right messages.

Paid advertising on Facebook is one of the best ways to impact the reach of the content. If you are willing to part with some funds, Facebook is a highly effective tool.

So, if you are thinking to try your hands in paid Facebook promotion for your business, here is the step by step guide with your first Facebook Ad.

To get started we must first visit the Ads Manager. Its where you create new ads, get an overview of your current campaigns and measure their performance.

Let’s jump right into the following steps: –

Step 1: Choose your Objective

Before creating any advertisement it’s important to think about the purpose of that advertisement and what you are aiming to achieve. That’s why the first step is to decide marketing objectives. Some goals could be as follows: –

1. Increase the traffic of website through Facebook

2. Increase number of people (attendees) at my event

3. Generating new leads

4. Boost engagement of our Facebook page

So, if the objective is clear in our mind, then making Facebook ads become much easier.

Step 2: Select your Audience

Once the objective has been deciding the next step is to select the correct audience so that we can put the relevant content according to that audience.

This is one of the important features for Facebook advertising as it helps in finding different audiences like: –

1. Core Audience

2. Custom Audience

3. Lookalike Audience

The Core Audience helps in finding the audience based on different criteria like demographics, interests, location. For e.g. the people who love doing online shopping.

There is a feature on Facebook called Custom audience in which we can engage to old customers. This feature helps in making a connection with the existing audience.

There is a feature of Look-Alike Audience as well in which the audience has not been engaged with the past, but they have the same interests as of the existing ones.

Step 3. Decide the Location of Your Ad

In Facebook this is not mandatory that you have to post your ads on Facebook only, you can post them in other mediums as well like Instagram and Messenger and within other mobile apps with Facebook audience network. It all depends on the target audience.

For e.g., If your audience is a frequent Instagram user then Instagram is a useful placement.

Step 4. Set your Budget

Budgeting is an important part of an advertising campaign. The cost depends on the total amount you spend or cost which you get from the ads.

The success of the ad depends on the ad auctions and how the ad has been performed in the mind of the target audience. An auction happens when a person is eligible to view your ad.

If you do not know much about auction bid, then you can set them to be automatic when creating the campaign.

You can also enter a daily budget or lifetime budget if you want to stop your campaign.

Step 5. Pick a Format

Ads can be very effective if we pick the right format for our campaign. The different options of ad formats can allow you to tailor your campaign to your selected target audiences.

The different options are as follows: –

1. Photo

Use different kinds of images to tell your story.

2. Video

Make videos to engage with your customer with the correct use of image, sound and motion.

3. Slideshow

Create lightweight videos in no time. This is the easiest, quick and affordable way to create a video like ads.

4. Collection

Showcase your products by telling the story in an impressive way.

5. Lead Ads

Use this format on Facebook to generate leads.

6. Link Ads

Increase the number of people on your website.

7. Dynamic Ads

It helps in finding the right audience for your products in a sophisticated and automated way.

Step 6. Place your Order

You can review your ad and confirm that you are ready to submit your ad.

Step 7Measure the Performance of Your Ad

You can click on all available ads and analyze the ad performance. You can click on ‘view charts’ to get further details and measure it.

This is the place where we learn about the performance of the ad i.e whether it is meeting the objectives, but also the demographics and placement as well.

Metrics must be relevant to your ad’s objective. For eg, an ad is aimed at generating awareness is not measured by the same metrics as an ad focussed on increasing app installs.

With this, you can ensure your budget is well spent and you can track relevant metrics of your campaign.

With this, you can tell the actual success of each ad i.e which ad worked better and what can be improved in each ad.

Final Thoughts

As Facebook Marketing has gained immense importance in recent days, it is highly recommended that marketers should use this in their overall marketing strategy to reach out to their target audience. Hopefully, you must have got insights on Facebook Ads and will surely use it.


The Ultimate Guide to “Social Media Stories”

“Social media stories” are a bit weird compared to regular content. For one, they don’t show up directly in users’ feeds by default. If somebody needs to look at the stories you produce, they need to manually access them.

Completely different apps and sites have other ways of displaying new story notifications; as an example, Instagram has icons of users who have created stories on the highest, and users will faucet them to examine the stories.

Secondly, any stories you are doing create aren’t around forever! Only to 24 hours, the stories automatically delete themselves.

This is often what makes stories a bit a lot of distinctive than regular standing updates –their lack of length suggests that they match a distinction niche than traditional updates.

Evolution of Stories

Stories are nothing new social media however with 3 of the massive boys battling it out at the highest we tend to thought we might take a fast look into however Stories have evolved over the years. Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram all enable the user to post their stories however who was first?

1. Snapchat

The Stories format for sharing content was 1st introduced into the social media landscape by Snapchat in 2013 that permits users to make up chains of content that might be viewed a limitless quantity of times over a 24-hour amount.

At the time, most media shops treated the medium as a brand new kind of video selfie: it had been considered a neat format that was clearly personal in its presentation, however on the far side that, most critics felt love it was simply means|a method} to save lots of Snaps in an exceedingly a lot of permanent way.

Sound familiar? Snapchat engineered their entire platform around this idea and it had been Instagram and Facebook who set to adopt the thought.

2. Instagram

In 2016 Instagram launched their version of stories that borrowed heavily from Snapchat. Instagram Stories allowed users to own an area to be within the moment and a touch additional fun amidst their regular posting of extremely structured, edited and formed photos. All stories lasted 24-hours and were engineered of video and pictures.

Around this point, some brands had already begun to adopt the Stories feature approach to promoting, however, most of those tries were extremely ad-driven—short, intrusive spots that centred additional on a product than revealing one thing new concerning the complete itself. In 2012 Facebook purchased Instagram.

January 2017 Instagram declared that they had one hundred fifty million user posting stories daily and as a result of this the Instagram extended adverts for his or her Story users.

3. Whatsapp

In February 2017 Whatsapp (another Facebook company) launched standing that allowed for sharing of GIFS, Photos, and Videos for a 24-hour amount.

4. Facebook

Finally, in March 2017, Facebook launched stories within the main Facebook Mobile App. This allowed users to share videos and photos from Facebook’s new camera.

5. Messenger 

Finally, in March 2017, Facebook launched traveler Day that permits you to share videos and photos as and once happen throughout your day.

Later in Gregorian calendar month Facebook rebrand as “Messenger Stories” The electronic communication app permits you to play games, send cash to friends and currently transfer stories – these are photos, videos, and text telling the story of a happening, be it an evening out, a visit to the board game or a vacation abroad.

6. Youtube

Youtube, the undisputed king of video, And currently its youtube World Health Organization simply launched its own wrestle Stories with a brand new video format referred to as ‘Reels.’

Reels is accessible to any Youtuber World Health Organization has over 10,000 subscribers (now you have got even a lot of incentive to grow your channel!).

The thought behind Reels is to permit creators to share content while not having to make a full video. For several creators, making full videos will take weeks! You have got to set up, film, edit, refine, then publish. Such a big amount of creators solely post once or double per week at the most.

Reels takes the pressure off making good, long-form content. Rather than making 10-minute options, Reels are solely thirty seconds long.

Very similar to Instagram Stories and Snapchat, you’ll add text, filters, stickers, and music to create the video actually your own.

There is lots of information that proves that social media Stories square measure following massive issue for marketers. Here is a few of it that you simply ought to bear in mind of:


(i) 57% Female, forty-eighth Males and sixty-one teenagers (18-24) within the U.S. use Snapchat Stories.

(ii) 52% Male and forty-third feminine within the U.S. use of Instagram Stories.

(iii) There’s a mean of thirty-five .5% active users worldwide sharing their Instagram.

(iv) 7% of Facebook’s users share their recordings through Facebook Stories.

There square measure 450M daily active users on Snapchat, Instagram Stories, and WhatsApp standing combined.

The most well-liked varieties of Stories for a whole on Instagram square measure Merchandise content, stories that offer associate degree “Inside Look” involving a Guest Takeover or showcasing a happening.

Additionally, social media Stories square measure growing in quality and then, new options square measure intercalary unendingly.

Recently, Snapchat proclaimed it’d “allow users to share Stories to their coupled social media accounts or through text or email with a link to a webpage wherever those that do not have the app will read the message.”

This is often expected to spark new growth within the Stories quality across platforms.

Ephemeral Content Marketing Strategies with Ephemeral Stories

Are you ready to jump in? Here are some creative ideas on how to get the most of the social media Stories (Ephemeral Stories) whether you are planning to create them for Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp or Snapchat to build your brand online.


1. Get Interactive

There are a variety of highlights you’ll be able to integrate into a story post to create them additional exciting and additionally engaging.

Besides tagging and @-mentioning others, Instagram has new options like polls and queries that you simply will augment a Story post. Raise followers to vote for his or her favourite or get them to send you a brief text reply to a matter.

You can conjointly tag stories with a location, repost alternative Instagram posts as a Story (which sends followers to it post if they swipe up), and obtain followers to send you an instantaneous message in response to a Story.

The latter could be a good way to solicit feedback from followers, and conjointly build your Stories additional interactive.

2. Add Links to Your Social Media Stories

Social media Stories aren’t solely concerning having fun. Marketers, naturally, even have to consider sales. The best thanks to increasing the traffic of your website and boost conversion rates are by adding a link to your Story.

Instagram and Snapchat enable users to introduce links in Stories, supplying you with the chance to market your merchandise, newsletters or alternative merchandise.



An additional tip is to use an URL shortener like or Capsulink for your links. That way, you may be able to access elaborate click analytics and measure the success of your content.

3. Take Advantage of Snapchat Geo-Filters

A Geo-Filter is associate degree overlay image that Snapchat users will place on their photos or videos taken at a selected location.

Victimization Geo-Filters is an efficient thanks to interacting with your audience and enhance their expertise along with your complete.

In addition, as user-generated photos and videos square measure shared online, it’s additionally a wonderful chance to spice up awareness of your complete.


One of the primary brands to use branded Geo-Filters was McDonald’s. They allowed users to feature a filter of a burger and fry graphic on their photos once they’re just about a McDonald’s building.

For instance, on Instagram Stories, some location searches have a story icon that permits users to look at recent stories that have used the actual location sticker. This is often an excellent thanks to facilitating your completely get discovered regionally.

4. Add mentions (@) for other brands and your fans 

Another attention-worthy feature of Instagram Stories is that the chance to say, alternative users.

For brands, this can be an excellent thanks to provides a shoutout to individual audience members for exploitation your complete, taking part during a contest or just thanking them for being a loyal fan.

The mention can produce a pop-up notification, showing the mentions to your followers. The person you’ve mentioned, in turn, can receive a notification.


Just like regular posts, you’ll be able to @-mention users in your Stories. Thus use it! A part of the facility of social media is creating connections and lavishing attention on others, and your followers can love being mentioned in your Stories.

5. Give the Live Video a Try When Creating Stories

A live broadcast will create your whole appear “more real” for the users. Live stories change users to examine, like, and comment in real-time.

This, in turn, creates a way of community and happiness. The live video format will increase the legitimacy of your messages and can bring the audience engagement to ensuring level.


6. Invite Followers to Explore More with Clear Call-To-Actions

Adding a call-to-action (CTA) could be a good way to encourage your audience to try to do one thing when they need seeing your content.

Moreover, while not a particular CTA, your followers’ default reaction, presumably, is going to be to continue swiping to consequent post.

Consistent with Kissmetrics, CTAs among videos generated 380% a lot of leads than CTAs on a sidebar or web site.

Thus, if you employ Stories to prompt your followers to go to your web site or explore a brand new product, your sales ought to increase consequently.

7. Repost from Other Channels

As we have a tendency to mentioned, Stories tend to be terribly similar from social media network to network. Nothing is stopping you from cross-posting a Story you’ve created for Snapchat on Instagram, or vice-versa.


Facebook even has constitutional Story sharing from Instagram, that makes cross-posting straightforward and painless.

It’s conjointly doable to save lots of a snapshot post as a video that you simply will then re-post on Instagram and Facebook. Therefore if you needed to share Stories between those sites, it’s conjointly straightforward.

Another advantage of reposting your content on alternative channels is that you simply square measure sure to maintain consistency in your posts from one network to a different.

Consistency is significant if you wish to create consumers’ trust.

8. Text-Only Stories

Instagram recently further the power to possess text-only Story posts. This is often an excellent thanks to integrating additional text content into a sequence of Story posts to assist tie them along or to inform a short story in words instead of footage.

Many brands using text-only Story posts with #hashtags and different links to assist propel a narrative forward, make a case for a brand new technique or teach followers one thing, and lots of different things.

9. Story Highlights

Did we say that Stories are ephemeral? This can be true, however, if you have got a specific Story that you simply wish to stay around for extended, currently you can!social-media-stories-highlights

Story highlights remain your profile as long as you wish, which supplies you a great deal of flexibility. Besides “pinning” a Story thus it doesn’t disappear once twenty-four hours, you’ll use Highlights to form a straightforward story.

You’ll in all probability wish to use this feature strategically, and not overwhelm your profile with a great deal of highlighted stories.

Whether it’s the flexibility to edit and manipulate pictures or letter of invitation to form a brand-related image or story, passing promoting ways to invite the user to act on a brand’s behalf.

Wrapping Up

Stories are still a comparatively new medium on social media, thus this is often the most effective time to start out capitalizing on all they provide.

Stories represent a brand new and exciting thanks to gift content, run selling, and advertising campaigns, and move together with your social media followers.

Whether you’re a tiny small business, a start-up, or a longtime complete, Stories ar fastly changing into the de-facto thanks to reaching your customers with quick, easily-digestible bits of content.

Stories will provide a nice twist to your selling methods providing new ways that to push flash sales, discount codes, gift exclusive content or produce publicity before the upcoming event.

Keep your eyes open and sit up so far with the most recent options and trends for Stories and make your brand stand out online.