6 Important Tips To Write Effective Content For Email Marketing

Email marketing has become prominent and considered as one of the utmost popular forms of marketing in this digital era.

As a matter of fact, it doesn’t matter how fancy your marketing emails look. If they’re devoid of well-written content, your subscribers will stop opening and start deleting your messages.  So, how do you write an influential marketing email? It all comes down by following few best practices which have been discussed in this blog.

Email Marketing in Terms of Statistics

To help you understand how critical and effective email marketing is today, below are some statistics for email marketing :

  • Approx. 54% of emails nowadays are accessed from mobile platforms
  • Mobile is one of the greatest popular solo platform through which users interact with emails for the first time
  • It has been seen that personalized emails have a higher click-through rate, approx. 15% than non-personalized emails
  • Probability is high that marketers will get a click on an email as they will through a Tweet

1.     Personalize Your Emails


Personalized email copy is always better than general email copy. Always remember to input your customer’s name ( as shown in the above ICICI email) into your email subject lines. Be sure to target the body of your email so that it speaks directly to your audience and nobody else.

Email marketers might think that their emails will be lost in array of emails and the right audience might overlook them. The only way to guarantee that they won’t be overlooked is to personalize and differentiate them fully.

2.     Give Priority to Clarity First and “Catchiness” Second


There is no doubt that catchy emails are attractive, but only if they’re also conveying clear message. This is what makes your audience want to click on them. Follow this principle and focus on making your emails first clear and descriptive, and then make them catchy. Just reading the first two lines in the picture above, it’s clear that the email is about latest updates for WhatsApp.

This ensure that your audience will understand the purpose of your emails and that you won’t be going out of your way to develop email campaigns that don’t draw real results.

What’s more, emails that are clear boost your authority as a company, since they promise only what they can deliver, and help readers develop realistic their expectations?

3.     Align Your Subject Line with Email Copy


Even though your subject line is clear and catchy, it’s of no use if it doesn’t align with your body copy. Always taken in account that delivering what you promise is critical in the world of email, and only people who can truly do this successfully in the long run. For example, in above Uber’s email, it is clear from the subject that the customer is getting 50% off on next 10 rides and same has been described in the body of the email.

Try to have a correlation between your subject line with body content. What your email subject line promises, the email message should deliver. Why? Since when audience don’t get what they’re actually promised in the subject line, click-through rates fall drastically. It will not only enhance your repute as a company and but will ensure that customers want to click your emails in the days to come.

4.     Keep it Relevant


Relevance is significant for a quality email, so be sure to tie the content of your email in with something that will ground it as pertinent and in-demand. Just like the email subject line should try to establish relevancy through personalization, so should the message of the email. By showing relevance, will grab the reader’s attention and there’s a greater likelihood that that person will click through. In GoDaddy’s email, reminder emails are sent to tell the reader why they’re being emailed and this email is meant to remind the user to renew their subscription before the expiry with an option to opt for auto-renew services.

5.     Prefer Writing Your Email Copy in the Second Person


Writing in the second person means using the pronouns “you,” “your,” and “yours.” This voice should be used because it’s personal and unique. When you put emphasis, and interact directly to your customers, it’s easier for them to relate to the voice and content of your email. As shown in Caratlane’s email, 6 times you or your is used as compared to us or we which has been used only twice. It’s clear that importance is given to the reader.

This, in turn, also makes it easier for them to connect with your emails. It will enhances the likelihood that they’ll open your emails in the future – which is a good thing for everyone.

6.     Showcase Benefits Instead the Features of Your Offer


You know the value of your email. But does your recipient knows it? No, not yet. And it’s your responsibility to explain it. The problematic area is, many emails only explain the feature they are offering, not the benefit. Make sure to focus the benefits of the offer rather than the features. This is applicable if you’re making an offer via email. As shown in the picture, Online TV 13 is emphasizing more on the benefits rather than its features.

In addition to being more valuable for readers, this also helps in presenting a realistic picture of your product. Following this principle will go a long way toward helping people understand what to expect from it. While most people focus on the features in an attempt to sell a product, focusing on the benefits can go much further toward helping the reader understand what’s unique and special about the product.

It is always recommended that emails should not be kept long-winded. As a substitute, keep your emails short and to-the-point. This boosts the prospect that you’ll keep your target audience’s interest and also serves to keep you on track and on topic throughout the duration of your email campaign.

Although you are a professional, but allowing your personality to shine through your email copy is an effective way to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Avoid spamming your readers with email marketing unnecessary. Only send out emails when you have important things to say and don’t ever send out an email just for a formality. It will only make you lose your customers and they might unsubscribe you as well.

By learning the tips on how to write content for email marketing, will only benefit you improve your content campaigns. It will also be effective in building brand engagement.

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