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6 Mistakes That Can Kill Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is the key to promotion and notifies the user. Marketers use to compute leads and get subscribers to opt-in or open emails. Most of the time problem converting the readers into a valued customer. Yeah, The email conversion rate. In this article, you will learn 6 mistakes marketers and bloggers do to kill their email marketing conversion. And how you can correct them.

The common problem has come from not enough experience. For instance, a company would like to have a good email campaign but does not have enough experience or knowledge. If you are in such a predicament, either consult any professional or read on to find out what’s killing your email marketing game, so that you can avoid going down the wrong path.

Lack of Consistency

When you are sending the email marketing campaign you have to make sure. That your subject line is clear to the point. You have proper and attractive visual elements. Also, you have to remind users that they are registered with you. If you are aiming for click-through rate. You have to make the email and landing page similar in appearance. If you lead clients to a totally different visual and massage. You will be playing with their trust.

Your Text is not Crispy Enough

A proper sale text able to sell product or service itself without any visual element. but if you attach an image to the offer, you will be putting great emphasis on the text as well. This is where you need to apply various principles of persuasion that can beat the hesitation and encourage potential customers to make a purchase. Make it more specific and personalize to connect client’s emotions. That will do the magic.

Are You Using Segmentation

email marketing segmentation
Email Marketing Segmentation

Email Segmentation is definitely very important. The user registered with you by purchasing a product or downloading your free product. Immediately, You will get an idea what type of content will catch their attention. You also can segment users based on their previous action either they click on the link, response to your emails or made some action on your website. You can segment them based on their behavior and their interest. Make sure that you have something for all your segments. Mostly few numbers of the user will convent into a valuable customer.

It will be your job to convert the rest of the user base. Do not let any of them drop out. Use proper segmentation, use automated email for each step of their conversion. You may find some users are not converting at all. Maybe they are just there for your content update or they are already purchased from your competitor. You can provide those users valuable content. So they visit your site. That way you are getting few amount of traffic in your site, helping in your SEO.

Are You Measuring

email marketing measurement
Email marketing measurement

You need to monitor and analyze indicators often on. In the long run, to see how certain solutions will work. If the only change you are making is that the sender of your emails will be different or you write the subject line in another style, that will not be enough. Monitoring and analyzing indicators will significantly change the results and you will immediately gain remarkably valuable data.

Poor Delivery and Engagement in your Email Marketing

You could get into a big serious legal issue if you are adding peoples without their permission. You should first check country’s law again the spam. Too many time businesses take the shortcut and buy the email list. And compile them in an unethical manner. Spam hurts the reputation of your business in big time. Once people making your email as spam you are under spam radar. Thereafter, most of your email campaign will be sent to the spam folder or drop out as undelivered.

Email marketing measurement
Email marketing measurement

For an instance, understand you have to send email to people. You must their explicit permission first. For an instance, if you collect a business card from an event or somewhere. You should not add it to your list.
Someone may be opt-in for digital content or downloads once, it does not mean they really interested hearing your marketing message. They will not be converting enough. For such subscribers, you can reconfirm their subscription permission.

  • Ask them simple question if they want to continue receiving your emails.
  • Send Extra Free Downloadable content to find out, if your reader’s interest in receiving contents from your or not.
  • Ask your readers to subscribe to another list to segment your list further.
  • It’s also important to remind your user why they are receiving your email from you. you can add it to your footer information.

Email Marketing – Poor delivery

Email Marketing’s crucial is deliverability and engagement. Send emails to your subscriber list will be less likely delivered. Also more likely to be engaged with it. ISPs and Cops always looking how many email campaigns you are sending. How frequently you are sending your campaign. What is your email open rate, and click through rate or your unsubscribe rate or spam report rate.

Your Email Should be delivered

email marketing engagement
Email marketing engagement

If your Email Marketing Campaign delivery rate is very low. It causes your reputation score with ISPs.
There are many ways to ensure your email is delivered:

  • Implement a double opt-in – Asking email subscribers to confirm their email address before they are added to the list will ensure cleaner data and in turn, improve delivery rates.
  • Only send to engaged users – Sending to recipients who have opened or clicked through to your campaigns within the last six months will increase the likelihood of emails landing in the inbox.
  • Give users access to a preference center – A preference center, where a user can select which type of emails they would like to receive, is a good alternative to only giving the option to unsubscribe. If you have many lists, this allows users to opt out from some emails but stay on the list for others.

Email Marketing – List Management

Email marketing list mannagement

Whether you’re gathering bad data, not taking out hard bounces otherwise emailing the inactive subscribers.Lazy list management can affect your open rates. Ultimately, being lazy about managing your list results in one of two things:

People receive email they’re not interested in

  1. ISPs don’t deliver email messages
  2. You guessed it – both of these are bad for open rates.

So how can you be more responsible for managing your list?

Create a permission-based in-house list

43% of email recipients click the spam button based on the “from” name or email address, so it’s important that email recipients know who you are and expect to receive emails from you. And it’s extremely important that you have their permission.

Building a permission-based in-house list isn’t difficult. Here are a few tips to get started:

  • Ask permission after a purchase by including a checkbox that encourages users to also opt in to your mailing list.
  • Implement an email sign up form that allows users who aren’t ready to purchase to still give you their email address. The form could be added to your homepage, landing pages or on social media.
  • Offer an incentive in return for their email address. This could be anything from a discount on their first purchase to a free piece of content.
  • Set expectations with email subscribers. Inform them the types of emails you will send and how often they will be emailed.


If the open rates are in struggle, your recipient either doesn’t know you or just isn’t interested in the content of your campaign.
If your click-through rate is bad, you must be your email content and landing page is not relevant to each other.
Segment the email list by personal interest, or behavior or purchase date. Sending the targeted message in a timely manner make your campaign more relevant make subscriber to open your email.
Combining with conscientious list management and a stellar subject line (that you’re A/B testing, of course), it will bound to improve.

How to get High Quality DA and PA Backlinks

Backlinks are when a 3rd party websites link back your website. It uses to be more quaintly backlinks pointing back to your site is better for your websites page ranks. Writing the bunch of articles and submit them to an article directory get an external link back to your site.In modern SEO, it depends on quality backlink. Random backlinks are nothing special.

But if you get a high Domain Authority site linking back to your site, It will affect your ranking in search engine result page.

high quality backlink
Google Algorithm For Ranking

As we already know backlinking is one of the ranking factors of Google algorisms.Effective link building is now about trust and popularity. Only a high-quality backlink gives value and credibility.
In most cases, though, a high-quality backlink is worth way more than a buck. Some businesses pay thousands of dollars to get a single DA 80+ backlink.

What is Typically DA and PR High Quality Backlink

Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) are 3rd party metrics developed and maintained by Moz which “predict the websites potential in search engine rankings based on Moz’s own algorithm”. DA is the ranking of the overall domain and PA is the ranking of any internal page/post etc.

The higher the DA, PA, the better the link.

moz da pa metrics
DA PA Metrics by Moz

There’s no official rule for “high quality” or “low quality” Domain Authority backlink, it’s widely popular that websites with a score of 80 or higher are the very High-Quality popular site.

For example, if you earn a backlink from,, and, you will get a lot of benefits.

Your DA will go up. Your SEO will improve. And you will get more traffic.

Why are High-Quality DA PA Backlinks Important?

Backlinks have benefits beyond search engine result. With the help of quality Backlink, your website will be able to get a brand and moreover even branding authority can be gained too.
Relevancy of the backlink is important.

Search engines provide relevant results, and so it’s very important to keep relevancy in consideration when they evaluate backlinks, A backlink can be relevant on different levels.
Search engines consider the overall relevance of the linking site, the relevance of the specific page with the link on it, and the relevance of the content directly surrounding the link.
Backlink from a trusted source a high-quality website, and that a high-quality site would also be a very trustworthy site.

For determine if a website is trustworthy for the user, search engines use a set of trusted seed sites (for example, Wikipedia, BBC etc.), which they know for sure are high quality and
which are difficult to get links from.

Why are High Quality DA PA Backlinks Important
Google Penguin Update

Few the amount of links away a website is from one of all the seed sites. The higher its TrustRank is

and the higher the standard a link from that website is,

getting backlinks from big authority sites is much easier said than done.

How to get High-Quality DA PA links?

Before you start, you need to determine which site to go after.
You don’t want to chase every site in your niche with high DA and PA. If you be more specific with your targeting you will have a higher chance of getting backlinks.
Start by searching for your focus keyword.
As a general rule of thumb, any result on the first page likely has a high DA. This isn’t always the case, but it’s true most of the time.
Make a list of domains on the first page of google. You can check their da and pausing Moz’s open site explorer.
If the score is 80 or higher, prioritize that site. You’re aiming for the best but always maintain relevancy.
You should not target too many sites at one go. Target few sites to start with.

Broken links Building

This basic idea is that most sites have links that no longer work.
Broken links lead to pages that were deleted long before.
you own a big website, you want to ensure that your users able to access all the resource and valuable articles backlinks.

broken link building
Broken Link Building Outreach

Then your user if they try to access those links they will end up with 404 page.
You as a marketer can take advantage of this situation.
If you find a broken link on a site with high da pa score, you can use that opportunity the site and increase your chance of getting quality backlink.

How to do it?

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

You will tell the site about the broken link and offer your own valuable content to replace it and also simply ask for a backlink in return for the help.

First, you need to find broken links on high DA authority sites. You can use the Screaming Frog SEO Spider.

you can download it from here.
Put the URL of the site and hit “start”.

how to use screaming for broken link building
Screaming Frog Tool

it’s recommended to find the URLs of older articles.
The SEO Spider will crawl the website and get all of the data ready.

When it complete crawling the site, click on the Response Codes tab (fourth from the left).

Then go to the sidebar on the right side and scroll down until you see the “Client Error (4xx)” tree. Click on that.

broken link building audit using screaming frog
Screaming Frog Tool

You’ll see a list of all the dead links on that page or site. And to see which pages on the site have these broken links, click on any URL and click the “Inlinks” tab at the bottom of the screen.The URL in the “from” column is the page on the site that contains the broken link.

That’s the URL you’ll want to reference when contacting the site.

If it’s more convenient for you, you can also export all of this data to a spreadsheet.

How to use

Once you find the dead link. Access the old article using

It’s a wonderful utility allows you to view the article page that does not exist anymore.

Type or paste your broken link URL in

After you enter your broken Link URL in may show some kind of error.

If you get the “Hrm” message, don’t worry! Click on the link to search all the archived pages.

finding old article using hrm error Wayback tool

You might see the correct URL on the next page.

If you see the right link, click on it and find a cached version of the page.

A cached page is represented by a colored dot on a calendar date.

archiving artile Wayback tool

Hover over the one you want and click on the timestamp. And there is your page.

An example template you can use to implement this method:

Subject: Your site has a dead link.
Finally, notify the site owner for the broken link, do not be too needy. Best be polite and direct and ask for a backlink.

Hi [name],
I visited your site recently and found out that this page on your site: (URL).
It’s a great page, but I found a dead link on it. The link leads to (page URL), which is no longer active.
I wrote an article on (topic), and I think it would be a great fit for your page. It might make a good addition to your article.
Either way, keep up your insightful articles – Google sure loves those 10 000+ word tomes.

Thank you for your time,
(Your name)

Getting High-Quality Backlink though Guest post

We already heard about the Guest post before. You want to be a quick and easy way get your guest post on their site.
When we talk about guest posting for backlinking. We usually follow a couple of steps.
Step 1: Find a site that accepts guest posts.
Step 2: Pitch good content and get published with a link in your author bio.

First visit their blog read few posts, understand the value
Authority sites are very much looking for valuable contents, that will provide value to their site. Then you need to understand what topics they cover and how in-depth their posts are.

If you can provide awesome content, most authority sites will be more likely happy to give you a link to exchange.

Your content does have to stand out. You should not pitch a calendar date simple topic or east articles.
Interact with the blog
Choose at least 3, 4 of your favorite post you and leave an in-depth meaningful comment on each one. Even ask a question or offer suggestion or something you think would add value to what they posted. The purpose of this is to interact.
Many of the authors of blog post will reply to the comments on their post. It a good way to get them to see your name and start knowing who you are.
Send them your pitch email.
Be personalized, send the value proposition article idea for guest blogging.
Be consecutive, keep it short but be in point. Maybe they would not reply on your first try. Wait few days try to send few follow up with great articles ideas.

Ego Bait

Ego bait is a piece of content that plays on the ego of the people who are featured within that content. The hope is that, by being included, these people feel better about and are more inclined to share the content with a link.

Some Example of Ego Bait.

Interviewing an Influencer. You can create sets of a question. Do an Interview session, and letter posts it to your blog.

Produce Top list. A top list also happens to be one of the most common and successful forms of ego bait.

Creating Resouce list. People are looking to make their work and personal lives easier. If you can offer a post that lists the best resources online to solve their problems, then the chances are great they’re going to link to it or share it.


Companies like to get testimonials.
You could try some of their products. And leave a valuable testimonial on your website backlink. You can call them or directly mail them. Tell your success stories after using their products
A well-written Testimonial on a high DA, you will get a nice authority quality backlink.


Focusing on getting high-quality backlinks with high DA PA, tremendous boost your site, drive a lot of traffic. Helps you to get more visibility on search engine result page.You get a good amount of trust authority in your nitch.