How to Promote Online Course through Inbound Marketing

The concept of inbound marketing is focused on attracting the right set of audience by earning their interest. Different from the traditional form of marketing that directly sells product service to customers, inbound marketing is based on the idea of creating the list of the right set of content and sharing for the right set of audience, in order to communicate and attract their attention and interest and creating a lasting relationship. An advance inbound marketing course will make you master in the field of inbound.

The Inbound marketing has the internet as a field of action and for businesses that also act in the virtual world, such as online courses, is the perfect strategy to attract and retain customers.

Despite its concept does not have an exact explanation, other data on Inbound marketing are quite concrete and prove why use it is a good strategy for dissemination of online courses and many other businesses that use online channels:

  • It costs 62% cheaper than Outbound Marketing.
  • With the Inbound Marketing, businesses that use blogs obtain 97% more links pointing to their platform.
  • The average return on investment produced by Inbound Marketing is 275%.
  • On average 92% of marketing professionals claim that the Inbound Marketing is essential for companies, before the current economy.

attracting to inbound marketing course

How to use inbound marketing for online courses?

Inbound marketing is a strategy that utilizes many forms of pull marketing – content marketing, blogs, events, SEO, social media and more – to create brand awareness and attract new business.In inbound marketing, the focus is to create the content to attract the interest of the customer by doing SEO, Content Marketing, and Strategy on Social Media.

There are several ways to make Inbound Marketing and each one of them fits in one of the five stages of Inbound that is:


Attract the right audience

First, you need to attract people to your site. Invest in SEO to improve your position on Search Engine. In the advertisement on social networks or advertisement in search engine through Search Engine marketing. For an example, Produce relevant and well-prepared content. Post on a blog is also great for attracting new users. Create a relevant well informative ads that relevant to your targeted audience in social media. Write attracting relevant headline and description in ad copy for search engine marketing. You can use social media for brand awareness or for lead generating. There you will find your target audience there. Attract your audience toward your brand on social media by posting attractive articles that relevant to them. With the proper planning on strategy in Social Media, investing in Search Engine Ranking,  Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing Strategy you will achieve your goal.

Attracting audience through.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Content Marketing


attracting to inbound marketing course

Turn visitors into leads

In this second stage is necessary a content more attractive and converting, after all, you will ask the user something valuable, as an e-mail. For this reason, you must offer them something valuable on their interest such as eBook with the content, can offer exclusive access to a module of the course, or demo class or any other materials by which your target audience can be interested. For an example, Digital Vaidya provides demo class. You also need to work Landing page optimization.

Anatomy of a Perfect Landing page

  • A Great Headline
  • Well Describe Sub-heading
  • Eye catchy supportive image
  • Well designed form with Eye catchy CTA Button
  • Trusted logo with no exit link
  • Value proposition
  • Unique Points and Benefits
  • Social Proof

promoting inbound marketing course


Convert leads to sales

This is the time to focus and go straight to the prospect. People have already given you their contact what proves that they are really interested. So it is time for you solve the blocking question between you and them. So they will convert into sales. List down all the blocking question your users might have.

For Example, Take Digital Vidya for an Example

You may be had questions like,

  • Why course delivered only online?
  • Who are trainers?
  • I am already a Digital marketer, why should I learn Digital marketing?
  • currently working in finance, can I learn digital marketing?
  • as fresher, how DM course could help me?

Create a list of content for every blocking questions. You should use proper types of content types for delivering those blocking questions such as Webinars, Guides, or Testimonials. Invest in email marketing with the right set of content and show for the users that you have information of their interest. First list down the content type, whatever is best for your target audience. Analyze which content type could deliver their answer.

A good percentage will convert at the end of the customer journey, customer journey depends on normally how much time your prospect takes before they convert into sales. Move the rest into funnel back keep sending them valuable contents until they convert.


Customer loyalty

You have already sold your product, but your conversation with the customer does not need to stop. This is the time to build a relationship. Create a strategy to follow up and increase customer loyalty. Offer special plans, access to other online courses, support material, etc.


Transform your customers into brand ambassador for your brand

Doing a good job in the previous step, this becomes a lot easier. Delight your customers and to transform them into true ambassadors of your brand means that you did a good job. To conquer this result give your customer more than a brand that produces contents, but a brand with a purpose which he admires and is proud to be a part.

How to do all of this? Invest in quality content related to your business. Online courses have by goal teach, therefore, to promote them the best strategy is to provide content that shows what the user will win by acquiring it. Besides serving as proof of your capacity as a professional.

You focus in conquer your customers, we focus on ensuring that he/she has a good experience when purchasing your material.

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