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Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Ads

In today’s world, more than 1.2 billion people use Facebook and more than 30 million businesses have active pages.

Facebook ads help to reach businesses to the right audience with the right messages.

Paid advertising on Facebook is one of the best ways to impact the reach of the content. If you are willing to part with some funds, Facebook is a highly effective tool.

So, if you are thinking to try your hands in paid Facebook promotion for your business, here is the step by step guide with your first Facebook Ad.

To get started we must first visit the Ads Manager. Its where you create new ads, get an overview of your current campaigns and measure their performance.

Let’s jump right into the following steps: –

Step 1: Choose your Objective

Before creating any advertisement it’s important to think about the purpose of that advertisement and what you are aiming to achieve. That’s why the first step is to decide marketing objectives. Some goals could be as follows: –

1. Increase the traffic of website through Facebook

2. Increase number of people (attendees) at my event

3. Generating new leads

4. Boost engagement of our Facebook page

So, if the objective is clear in our mind, then making Facebook ads become much easier.

Step 2: Select your Audience

Once the objective has been deciding the next step is to select the correct audience so that we can put the relevant content according to that audience.

This is one of the important features for Facebook advertising as it helps in finding different audiences like: –

1. Core Audience

2. Custom Audience

3. Lookalike Audience

The Core Audience helps in finding the audience based on different criteria like demographics, interests, location. For e.g. the people who love doing online shopping.

There is a feature on Facebook called Custom audience in which we can engage to old customers. This feature helps in making a connection with the existing audience.

There is a feature of Look-Alike Audience as well in which the audience has not been engaged with the past, but they have the same interests as of the existing ones.

Step 3. Decide the Location of Your Ad

In Facebook this is not mandatory that you have to post your ads on Facebook only, you can post them in other mediums as well like Instagram and Messenger and within other mobile apps with Facebook audience network. It all depends on the target audience.

For e.g., If your audience is a frequent Instagram user then Instagram is a useful placement.

Step 4. Set your Budget

Budgeting is an important part of an advertising campaign. The cost depends on the total amount you spend or cost which you get from the ads.

The success of the ad depends on the ad auctions and how the ad has been performed in the mind of the target audience. An auction happens when a person is eligible to view your ad.

If you do not know much about auction bid, then you can set them to be automatic when creating the campaign.

You can also enter a daily budget or lifetime budget if you want to stop your campaign.

Step 5. Pick a Format

Ads can be very effective if we pick the right format for our campaign. The different options of ad formats can allow you to tailor your campaign to your selected target audiences.

The different options are as follows: –

1. Photo

Use different kinds of images to tell your story.

2. Video

Make videos to engage with your customer with the correct use of image, sound and motion.

3. Slideshow

Create lightweight videos in no time. This is the easiest, quick and affordable way to create a video like ads.

4. Collection

Showcase your products by telling the story in an impressive way.

5. Lead Ads

Use this format on Facebook to generate leads.

6. Link Ads

Increase the number of people on your website.

7. Dynamic Ads

It helps in finding the right audience for your products in a sophisticated and automated way.

Step 6. Place your Order

You can review your ad and confirm that you are ready to submit your ad.

Step 7Measure the Performance of Your Ad

You can click on all available ads and analyze the ad performance. You can click on ‘view charts’ to get further details and measure it.

This is the place where we learn about the performance of the ad i.e whether it is meeting the objectives, but also the demographics and placement as well.

Metrics must be relevant to your ad’s objective. For eg, an ad is aimed at generating awareness is not measured by the same metrics as an ad focussed on increasing app installs.

With this, you can ensure your budget is well spent and you can track relevant metrics of your campaign.

With this, you can tell the actual success of each ad i.e which ad worked better and what can be improved in each ad.

Final Thoughts

As Facebook Marketing has gained immense importance in recent days, it is highly recommended that marketers should use this in their overall marketing strategy to reach out to their target audience. Hopefully, you must have got insights on Facebook Ads and will surely use it.