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What Is Inbound Marketing And Why It Is Essential For Every Marketer To Implement

If you have more money than brains, you should focus on Outbound Marketing. If you have more brains than money, you should focus on Inbound Marketing.

-Guy Kawasaki



You may have come across this phrase ‘Inbound Marketing’ from various different sources and especially in recent times, its use has increased stupendously… and rightly so!

So let’s dive right into it. What is Inbound Marketing?

Traditional marketing is a one-way conversation – the marketer talking ‘at’ the potential customer. Inbound marketing is an invitation to an ongoing dialogue in which you can communicate with your customers in both a professional and congenial fashion.

In general, Inbound Marketing is an approach focused on attracting customers through content that is relevant to capture and convert potential customers through channels like blogs, search engines and social media which draws the user base to your product or service.

If the content educates, informs and engages directly with your target buyer persona, it serves to build awareness and increases interest generating leads. Once a visitor becomes a lead, based upon on a scoring system, you can pass them into a sales funnel. Once they convert and buy repeatedly you can analyse the process to produce more desirable content and showcase your expertise.

Now that we understand the concept of Inbound Marketing, let’s get onto why it is important because there is no point in learning, understanding and implementing something if it’s useless and does not help us achieve our ultimate objective.

Why is Inbound Marketing becoming so popular these days?

If you’re new to digital marketing, you might be a little bit fuzzy about the concept of inbound marketing. It’s a relatively new tactic that’s almost exclusive to the Internet.

Inbound Marketing did not exist from day one when the digital marketing industry cracked into the traditional marketing world. Today, more and more businesses are trying to jump onto the Inbound Marketing bandwagon and trying to leverage it as a part of their overall marketing strategy.

  1. The Role of Customer in the Buying Process is Changing-

The traditional Marketing Funnel has changed its attributes. This new marketing funnel visualizes the various psychological phases a customer travels through before they actually try or buy your product. In recent times, a customer now passes through all the stages of the funnel, their number dropping out at each stage, and only when they reach the last two stages of Evaluation(final stage before the purchase decision) and Sales(the result of the marketer’s effort throughout the process) does the actual consideration of purchase take place. Earlier was a much simpler and easier time when sales took place right from when a customer began considering a product or service.

2. Majority Are Not Ready To Buy Yet-

Now, with a shorter attention span, massive increase in competition and increasing availability of sources of information, customers are getting onto the web more so for research purposes than to make an immediate purchase.

This normal distribution curve (bell curve) shows that the majority(95%) of qualified prospects on your website are there to research and not to buy.-Marketo

What is important to keep in mind here is that it is not that this 95 % of people are not relevant or not interested in your product or service but rather that they are just not ready to buy from you at that point of time. The bell curve shows that only about 5% of users are actually there on your website to make an immediate purchase. These are very very significant numbers and something that every marketer must consider at the time of developing his inbound marketing strategy.

Of course, these numbers are not always 100% accurate. there is a minor deviation on a case by case basis depending on the industry, but overall this graph applies to every marketing campaign.

Marketers now need to nurture the users who have just visited their website to research more about the product or service and convert their interest into a purchase through regular and efficient inbound marketing, holding their hand from one stage of the marketing funnel to the next.

70% of people on your website will buy either from you or from your competitor- Marketo

3. Personalization Is Possible At Scale-

In today’s day and age, technology has increased at such a stupendous pace that there is now an availability of tools and techniques which has enabled personalization at scale. This was something that was not possible earlier.

This custom tailored Happy Birthday email mentioning the name of the viewer and wishing him on his birthday along with a discount coupon is a perfect example of Personalization. Instead of simply handing over a coupon, to a customer, the brand gifted it, and that’s what makes all the difference. What this does is that it builds a relationship between a user and the brand, thus increasing relatability and credibility.

With today’s technology, it hardly takes any super-coding skills in order to actually create such detailed personalization.

4. Cost of Inbound Marketing Strategies-

Studies show that Inbound Marketing costs 62% less per lead than outbound marketing.

Inbound marketing tactics don’t generate leads, they generate revenue.-Hubspot

The average PPC on any popular website will support that statistic.

5. It’s Organic and Natural 

Take this scenario: someone searches online for a specific service at 3:00 am on a Saturday; your listing appears in the search engine’s results; your rich content provides them with fundamental value and inside knowledge that will improve their understanding and prompts them to contact you – they become a profitable lead. Inbound marketing is natural, targeted and truly resonates with a primed audience.

6. Attract More Website Visitors-

Inbound marketing is about getting the most out of your website. Creating great content that will attract customers is part of the process. A blog becomes an asset that drives traffic to your website. You can identify “keywords” that your customers are searching and leverage it to your advantage. Therefore, SEO is of utmost importance. If you commit to the process you can drive more visitors to your website. This can increase your chances of converting visitors to leads.


Inbound Marketing is no longer a secondary marketing tactic within our overall digital marketing strategy. In 2018 it will be a must for every marketer to implement and only those businesses that are able to leverage Inbound Marketing effectively will be able to survive in this fast-moving digital marketing world, the rest will inevitably perish.

Wondering how to organically increase your level of engagement on Facebook? Check out ‘8 Types of Facebook Content to Drive Engagement’.

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Top 5 Tips to Promote Online Brick and Mortar Business

When you have both a Brick and Mortar shop and also an online store, it could be difficult to understand where to toss your advertising bucks. You do not wish to forget the shop that was your support, however you recognize to increase your reach, the on the internet shop is your best option– unless you intend to open up extra places, which could be expensive as well as lengthy.
Luckily, there are a variety of methods you could incorporate promos for your online shop as well as your brick-and-mortar organization. Not just will this aid you concentrate on a couple of advertising projects at once as well as solid general branding, however, it will certainly additionally conserve your loan as you toss your advertising bucks behind advertisements with several functions.

online marketing


1. Develop Social Media Buzz

The social network could be a wonderful means to send out website traffic to your site, yet it could likewise be utilized to develop a buzz around occasions at your brick and Mortar shop. As an example, for a grand opening, you could develop an occasion on Facebook and also welcome individuals to participate in. Use an advertisement to target much more individuals in your location.
On Twitter, you could hold a Twitter conversation full of a particular hashtag. At the end of the assigned conversation time, welcome individuals to see your Brick and Mortar shop for a unique you’ve created simply for them.
Stream Cliff Farm, a little horticulture facility, coffee shop, and also occasion place, uses Facebook to get to existing and also brand-new site visitors. Considering that its area provides normal occasions, this is the excellent suit for them. At the very same time, it provides the capability to buy some products online along with getting your place for occasions, so it could quickly offer to brand-new clients as well as accumulate their details.

2. Promo codes

Promo codes could attract brand-new clients right into your shop. Discount coupons are prominent with consumers almost everywhere, with around 96 percent of customers utilizing promo codes. When you understand simply exactly how prominent promo codes are as well as the number of individuals utilizes them, you start to see exactly what a solid advertising device this is, both online as well as off.
The most effective promo codes are ones that could be made use of both online as well as in a Brick and Mortar shop. There is absolutely nothing fairly so aggravating as attempting to buy something online just to be informed you could just utilize the voucher in the shop, as well as the other way around. Make it very easy for your clients to utilize your discount coupons both online as well as off and also you’ll get one of the most consumers feasible from the promo.
You’ll additionally make some choices regarding whether you will certainly permit voucher piling or restriction clients to one discount coupon at once. A fine example of a business that enables consumers to make use of discount coupons is Kirkland’s. Consumers that enroll in its e-mail checklist obtain a message with a code that could be made use of online or a universal product code that could be checked in the shop. Because there are times when supply is out online or in the shop, yet offered at the various other, this is a wonderful function for customers.


3. Attribute Your Physical Location on Your Website

Regarding 50 percent of those that did a regional search on their mobile phones go to the Brick and Mortar within 24 hrs, so it is crucial to focus on your website as well as exactly how you’re offering your shop to clients. If you desire those that discover your site to find right in your shop, you need to make your place tempting to them.
You could include products that remain in the shop yet are not marketed online, describe exactly what your shop needs to supply or discuss price cuts you supply for details teams, such as elders or army.
Nitterhouse Masonry is a fine example of a shop supplying an extensive, real-life check out its physical place on its site’s touchdown web page. It includes images of its Brick and Mortar shops, clarifies once a week specials and also discusses offered shop price cuts.

4. In-Store Promotions

Do not disregard cross-promotions where you use information regarding just what your shop provides online. For instance, if somebody enters the shop and also you’re out of a thing, deal to buy it for them. Likewise, mention that you provide on the internet getting if they obtain a house and also determine they require another thing yet do not intend to return out.
Mention on the internet promos by providing a promo code with an online discount code, or ask if you could authorize them for your e-mail listing, specifically if you send out promo codes by means of e-mail to your clients. Calling card, as well as literary works, must additionally detail your site so clients have numerous methods to call you as well as to obtain info regarding the items you market.
An example of a business that supplies multi-layered promos is Victoria’s Secret. When you enter into among their shops, salesmen ask if you get on the firm’s e-mail listing. They will certainly after that send you details regarding brand-new items, sales as well as vouchers. Currently, it has actually gathered your info as well as could market to you both for its online and also brick-and-mortar shops.

5. Use Technology

Urge your consumers to download and install an application, and afterward utilize iBeacons to sound a consumer’s phone when she goes to your shop. This is specifically efficient if you’re situated in a shopping center or shopping center, due to the fact that the client is currently there purchasing. You’re simply advising her that you have brand-new goods, a sale taking place or that you would certainly enjoy seeing her drop in.
Lord & Taylor not just pings clients when they obtain with 100 meters of the shop, yet it additionally sends out an individualized message based upon where the individual lies within the shop and also previous acquisitions the client has actually made. This makes the advertising wise as well as very targeted.

To get to one of the most clients feasible and also continuously expand as a company, it is necessary to continually look for brand-new methods to connect. By incorporating promos for both on the internet and also offline shops, you’ll acquire one of the most traction feasible.

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