Top 6 Latest Trends To Follow In Email Marketing

Email, when used as a marketing tool to deliver a commercial message to a person or group of people, is termed as Email Marketing. Since there has been an increase in the number of internet users in the world from few years, Email Marketing comes as an effective tool for brands and companies from various segments to communicate with their followers, existing or potential clientele.

Marketers need to uninterruptedly change their email strategies to cater to a fluctuating audience. Studying and following email trends is the need of the hour. It’s true that some trends fade in a few months, while many remain for years.

To help you keep updated with the industry, I have researched and combined six of the biggest email marketing trends which every marketer should follow.

Finally, you will have the savoir-faire to help you plan a viable email marketing strategy up to par with industry trends.

Trend 1: Using Interactive Email Content

The interactive content trend has been on rise since the last few years. It is not sufficient to just send an email which is just intended to be read, there has to be a content which should involve engagement from the recipient as well.


Question is why interactive content is so important?

The answer is, it offers a more personalized experience for the individual. It inclines to be more enchanting than a plain old newsletter. The user can actually get involved with the experience increases interest, which can enhance the complete engagement and conversion rates.

Some of the most useful and different forms of email interactivity comprises:

  • Live menus and navigation
  • Carousels, image galleries, and sliders
  • Product tour
  • Offer reveals
  • Quizzes
  • Reviews
  • Search bars
  • Add-to-cart functionality

Major Challenge to Focus while Designing Interactive Emails

Designing interactive emails is not difficult but keep in mind to make them look same across different email platforms. Few email clients have a limited capability to work with interactive content, and at times images might not work the same depending on the email service.

  • Make sure to take support from your graphic design/front-end design team to ensure the emails look and function as per the requirement
  • It will not only increase user engagement and but also make you stand out from the rest of the emails thronging the inbox

Trend 2: Omnichannel Email Marketing Practices

Omnichannel marketing is a type of marketing where the focus is on distributing a steady and uninterrupted experience across multiple channels. Fundamentally, the shopper experience should be unified if a person tries to access it between interacting on a website to reading an email or even visiting a physical location.


Let’s take an example of UK fashion retailer Oasis. They have an amazing feature for online shoppers to find that if an article is out of stock at their warehouse, a feature can be used to find a store that still has the article in stock. The particular article can then be dispatched to the customer and a confirmation email will be sent to the customer to inform its status. They have also provided all the staff members with iPads. This helps the staff to cross-check the instant accessibility of items, and if the item is out of stock at their location, they can use the iPad to place an online order for the shopper.

Ways to Implement Omnichannel Marketing

For successful implementation of implement omnichannel marketing, you need to think from customer’s perspective. What would be their experience when they interact with your company? How emails can be used to improve that experience? You will need to create and follow a plan which integrates email to support every point from your website to social media.

Trend 3. Adapting Automated Emails


The next trend is automated marketing which is already a big part of email marketing. It’s vital since it can help any business track their audiences behavior across all channels, analyze it, and automate responses for different triggers. This permits them to scale up their operations without losing leads and while maintaining the personal touch that consumers demand.

How to Implement Marketing Automation

Firstly, you will need to select a marketing automation platform that best suits your needs. Sendlane and campaign monitor automation tools used in this field, but there are other options out there as well.

Trend 4. Mobile Email Marketing

In current scenario, we see an increase in the amount of email that is being accessed from mobile devices.


How does marketers can benefit from it? In the past researchers have found that 37% of users have bought a product using smartphone after getting a marketing email, whereas 44% go to a retail store and 46% purchase online.

Process to Implement a Mobile Email Marketing Approach

As a marketer, there are numerous steps that you can take which would be beneficial in mobile email.

  1. Email templates for Mobile– To start, you want to develop email templates that are suitable for mobile devices. If your emails look appealing on the device, chances are high that people are more likely to open them and to follow the desired path they provide.
  2. Inadequate Space for Subject Lines– On mobile devices, there is less space for the subject line. Use of shorter subject lines is recommended for marketing emails. As per the guidelines, emails for mobile should have a subject that is 30 characters or less.
  3. Utilizing Time– Because of shortage of time use less text and more images. They should be responsive.
  4. Use of Clickable Buttons– Provide users with clear action buttons that are big enough for them to click without any problems. If following the link is hard, many people will not even make an effort to click it.
  5. Landing Pages for Mobiles– For engaging consumers, make sure that you have landing pages that are mobile optimized. If the page doesn’t look good or not user-friendly, you are going to lose a lot of people.

Evaluate Results– Finally, assess the results of your email marketing. Follow statistics like the open rates and click-through. By following the outcomes, you can gain insights that will be helpful for future campaigns.

Trend 5. Behavior Targeting Email Marketing


Ensuing this trend can make a huge difference in your returns from email marketing by increasing engagement and conversions. By targeting based on behavior, you are focusing at the past actions of the individual, and sending them content that is based on their actions.

How to Target Emails Based on Behavior?

To take benefits of this trend, there are some steps that you will need to follow.

  • The first step is to collect data about your clienteles. Track the actions of customers as how they interact with your brand.
  • Once you identify behaviors, you can design emails that respond to them.
  • Use an automated system, to set up emails that are prompted by different behaviors.

A tool like Sendlane comes with built-in triggers, one can teach up your email marketing platform to do the work for you based on set parameters.

Trend 6: Personalization of a new generation

Sending email campaigns created solely for the recipient does not only contain the recipient’s name in the copy. The objective is to offer clients exactly the product they are looking for at a price they are ready to pay. Maintaining the attention of an individual, via personalized emails, is a difficult task. You are never really “safe” and one mistake can ruin everything. Explain what your email marketing campaign is all about swiftly, efficiently and informatively. People don’t have the time or patience for going through long emails.


Important Points While Personalizing an Email

  • It’s very important to personalize a greeting and deliver a brief message that is easy to read and grasp.
  • Design an email that gives an impression as if it was written by a real person for a real person.

Now that you have understood these trends along with how to prepare and implement, it is time to get started on your efforts toward improved email marketing to help your business grow. Always follow below given points:

  • Use Interactive emails to increase customer engagement
  • Think beyond multi-channel and start focusing on omnichannel
  • Planning of emails which can be reached to customers based on their behavior
  • Use automation to get the most out of behavioral targeting
  • Enhancing your email campaigns for mobile
  • Crafting a personalized message will only be beneficial

Share with us what you think about the coming email marketing trends? Do you have any questions about any of the email marketing tips that we have covered? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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